Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Be gone already!

There is a natural phenomenon whereas fire acquires vertical vorticity, forms a whirl, and carries on apocalyptic damage as a fire devil – an almost Biblical horridness that lives and exudes fire.

This thing is a thing of pure destruction.

I’ve known people like that. Dream killers, soul crushers, evil mofos.

When they go away – though like crab grass, you rarely ever completely get rid of it – you do not mourn their passing, you do not reminisce on the good times (because the “times” you had together included basically the literal sucking of your soul).

You don’t want to be unkind and wish “It” a fate similar to the one “It” put you through; that just seems like overkill, especially if it requires your own bitterness to fuel it. It’s just not worth it.

Instead, you vulgar little creature, I wish you obscurity. Go scurry into the darkness and remain there until your maker recalls you to the depths of oblivion, where you’ve always belonged.

I harbor you no ill will. I rarely think of you, except when you insist on making noise and including me in your cacophony of bullshit and lies. I know you believe I should love and idolize you, miss you even. But how can I ever miss you if you won’t go away?

Meet me halfway. You don’t have to die painfully. Embrace obscurity. Become one with the silence. Go away. Shoo!


Annette said...

I like your style! Wish I had the strength to emulate. Maybe I'll try.

KaliAmanda said...

Hah! I'm not sure emulating me will serve you well, but it will keep you and yours amused. :)